My Daughter…

Her little blond curls bounce as she skips through the living room, just before she pulls her shirt over her head and pronounces; “You can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man!” before running through the house.  I sit in awe as she makes a complete lap through the house without hitting a wall or piece of furniture.  She then pulls the shirt down, gives me a big cute smile and her eyes twinkle with pride because no one caught her!

Today she is driven by the same strong will and puts it into everything she does; whether it is golf, theatre, singing or homework – she is putting her all into it.  This is only part of what I admire most about her, but to me the most important thing to remember is that she is a gift from God.

When she looks at you through her blue eyes know that she has more compassion, concern and love than anyone can imagine.  Her heart is on her sleeve and willing to share it when needed most.  She is loyal to the bone and if anyone knows her like I do then you know that she will be your best friend; unconditionally.

I am humbled by my daughter and have learned more lessons from her than she knows.  If there is one thing you know about me it is this; I have no problem bragging about my daughter to anyone who will listen.  I do this because she won’t and her humbled spirit is an example for others to follow.  She proves herself through her actions, thereby gaining merit and building a character others can only wish for.

So the next time you hear me say “My Daughter”, know that behind those words is a young woman who can show you how to get the hard work done or melt your heart.  Her heart is made of gold and her soul as bright as diamonds; truly a treasure only God can make – and He put her in my life to know and love!

So Dad’s take a few seconds out of your day to hug your daughter(s) and let her know that she is the reason you are able to see the elegance of God’s wonderful gifts.



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