“The Evening Dance”

Outside the snow gently falls and glistens,

A small breeze will lead the snow in a dance,

Performing their art with a simple joy,

Music can be heard if one truly listens.


Lighted trees give off new colors for this dance,

Bright hues give their stage a magical glimmer,

Swirling and twirling the dancers move quickly,

A chaotic symphony never performed by chance.


An unseen conductor picks up the tempo,

Up into the air the dancers are thrown,

Coming down gracefully from their flight,

All land gracefully spinning to and fro.


As if by the conductor’s unseen hand,

The graceful show seems to end,

Although it is over for the moment,

The next dance will be just as grand.


Staying in place and not to be missed,

Waiting for their conductor to begin,

The dancers know of only one thing,

Tis for the next Evening Dance they exist.



D.E. Jones


“It’s Just a Flower”

For my beautiful daughter on her birthday.  I love you more than my simple words could ever say.  You are a pillar of strength, yet as gentle as the drops of dew held on the petals of a flower in the morning sun.


“It’s Just a Flower”


Slowly the sun opens the day with warmth that causes the flowers to blush,

The birds awake and sing to the sun as it moves upward with no rush.


A breeze begins to flutter some leaves as they lean towards the light,

But it is the flower so frail that stands tall after the cool night.


The world offers nothing as perfect as the flower with its colors and design,

The stems are thin and the petals frail, with a color only God can define.


Pounding and pushing, even the rain and the wind bow to its reign,

Though drooping and soaked the flower does not feign.


Although humble in its features and form, beauty and grace will continue to stay,

Covering the land in color and motion, nothing like it is found in all of God’s display.


Although all are alike, none are the same, each one a pillar of perfection,

It has always been the flower enduring the worst, always giving its best, never needing direction.


D.E. Jones