The Human Spirit

May peace and joy find you during these challenging times.  Like me many of you have been bombarded by all of the news outlets flooding the airwaves with data, experts and conjecture about the virus we shall not speak of here.  Quite frankly I am tired of being fed spotty information and half-truths, so toContinue reading “The Human Spirit”

“Thinking About You on Mother’s Day”

Because you choose to see the best in me, Regardless of life’s pitfalls or my pride, A smiling nod to be creative and free, Your gentle hands are always my guide. Thinking About You on Mother’s Day In your heart you carry each memory, Each a snapshot into a time and place, As diamonds eachContinue reading ““Thinking About You on Mother’s Day””

“Child Birth; God’s Miracle – Our Gift”

For some the scientific term “Parturition” makes the whole idea for the birth of a child a dreary and unimaginative visualization for the next Sci-Fi novel or textbook; either way neither are not my choice on this subject. Generally speaking many claim that the Christian Bible of 66 Books is a drab and boring read; and in some waysContinue reading ““Child Birth; God’s Miracle – Our Gift””

“The Evening Dance”

Outside the snow gently falls and glistens, A small breeze will lead the snow in a dance, Performing their art with a simple joy, Music can be heard if one truly listens.   Lighted trees give off new colors for this dance, Bright hues give their stage a magical glimmer, Swirling and twirling the dancersContinue reading ““The Evening Dance””

“Do You Carpe Diem?”

Mourning alone is not in God’s plan for you.

“Does God Work Through Our Pets?”

I know that there are differing beliefs on whether animals have a soul or just run on basic instinct, but there is something I believe 100%. God puts animals on our path just as He does with people. These animals are usually otherwise known as “pets”. I have experienced as well as witnessed how weContinue reading ““Does God Work Through Our Pets?””

“Valentine’s Day Prayer”

Thank you Lord for her I pray, She is a gift like no other, Lord, its Valentine’s Day.   Her heart is made of the finest gold, She is a gift like no other, Lord, its Valentine’s Day.   Please bless her life in any way, She is a gift like no other, Lord, itsContinue reading ““Valentine’s Day Prayer””

“Today is Mine”

Today I read a story, Today I shed a tear, Today I am happy, Today I am blessed, Today is here. The story I read this morning brought back memories of my own past, along with the thoughts I grew up every day.  Who am I?  Where do I come from?  What was my motherContinue reading ““Today is Mine””