This blog was started because I felt thought that my perspective as a Christian does make a difference in the world and so does that of others who wish to discuss everyday matters with a Christian baseline.

It must be understood that because this is on a public platform we should try to be respectful to others’ feelings and perspectives.  I would also offer that we should approach this with a thick skin, because there are times when we do need to hear the truth so to give our perspective reference.

So, read, enjoy, ponder, share and move on because God has work for you to do…


2 thoughts on “About

    • I have always like Koi Fish. Have been to Japan and China, plus know the story behind their place in their mythology. However, I do not associate the mythology with Christianity. It simply makes my blog easy to remember; nothing more. Hope that helps explain the whole Koi Fish thing. Excellent question!!!


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