Make Mine a Full Glass of Advice

To reach back into some of my own memories as a teenager I try to remember those moments when one of my parents or a relative offered me a bit of advice.  For some reason they come back as a rushed blur with very small moments of clarity.

Some might say that I should have paid better attention and they may be right, but what I wouldn’t give to have those few seconds or minutes back!  Now that I am older (Captain Obvious Statement) I realize that it was God who put those people in my path to teach and guide me.  The regret of not paying more attention will be my burden, but I know that I cannot be the only person out there who feels the same way.

Along with the advice comes the time you are spending with the person who is sharing something with you.  These in themselves are gifts from God that should be appreciated.  God knows our hearts and our minds which inherently means He knows what is best for us, regardless of what we might think.

So today I will simply offer this; when someone takes the time to offer us that little tidbit or plate of reality, just remember to ask for a full glass of advice when that plate is put in front of you because God has a reason in mind for you to know and understand how you fit into His plan.


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