Just add it to the list

Each day as we swim in the stream set before us there are times when it seems that life throws obstacles or challenges in our way.  Christmas it seems is one of those times where instead of taking time to understand the gift God gave us through His son Jesus Christ, we spend it stressing over finding the perfect gifts to buy our loved ones or in a rush to get that perfect LED light set for the house.

Not only do we put stress on ourselves by shopping in crowded stores, life also has something to add.  Children and other family members get sick or injured.  Car accidents due to the weather.  The passing of close family members.  And the list keeps going on; where does it end?  In our minds it seems that it never does.

So don’t stress over the little things or the big things for that matter.  Worry is a sin that we are all familiar with, but if we focus our time on the things we can change we gain a sense of accomplishment from that, not stressed or worried because we think we have failed.

God is there with you, just reach out to Him and He will get you through that long list that just seems to be adding up.  I think you might be surprised to find that it is not as long as you think when you start to cross off the things you have no control over.  Those are the things on the list that belong to God, so give them to Him, He is waiting.


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