“Can I Borrow Your Hammer and Saw?”

“Hey neighbor! Can I borrow that brand new table saw sitting in your garage?  It sure is a nice one and I could really use something like that to finish that bookshelf for my wife.” Now this might sound familiar if you live next to “the neighbor” who always needs to use something you ownContinue reading ““Can I Borrow Your Hammer and Saw?””

“As the Sun Sets”

As the world turns yet again for another day and the sun goes under the horizon, my mind takes me into a place where everything and everyone I see I must give thanks. This might sound easy on the surface, but I also have to be thankful to those who were not necessarily nice toContinue reading ““As the Sun Sets””

“Is Boredom Christ-like?”

Many times through any day we can find ourselves in a state of boredom or at least in a somewhat vegetative state where our mind seems to either wonder or hit neutral.  During this time if your mind is still functioning; what do we think about?  Rhetorical question!  Please don’t answer! The real question toContinue reading ““Is Boredom Christ-like?””