“Position Improvement”

Many years ago, when I first entered the U.S. Army, I heard the term “Position Improvement”.  I soon learned that this meant if I found myself in a defensive position it fell on me and those on my team to be involved in improving the position through a list of necessary tasks. The positions inContinue reading ““Position Improvement””

“Thinking About You on Mother’s Day”

Because you choose to see the best in me, Regardless of life’s pitfalls or my pride, A smiling nod to be creative and free, Your gentle hands are always my guide. Thinking About You on Mother’s Day In your heart you carry each memory, Each a snapshot into a time and place, As diamonds eachContinue reading ““Thinking About You on Mother’s Day””

“Do You Carpe Diem?”

Mourning alone is not in God’s plan for you.

“Nudging the World One Person at a Time”

According to the Merriam – Webster Dictionary, the word “Nudge” is defined in a couple of ways depending on how you want to use the word. In one sense of the word it indicates a touch or gentle push and in the other version one can prod lightly or urge into some sort of action.Continue reading ““Nudging the World One Person at a Time””

“What Are You Kneeling For?”

Many are up in arms about professional athletes kneeling during the National Anthem, and I can understand why. There is a lot of tradition and culture behind what it all stands for, so the ensuing emotional reactions are actually predictable. However; the emotional connection to our flag and the anthem must be respected. There areContinue reading ““What Are You Kneeling For?””

“Making the List”

Each day we walk around at work, shopping, doing chores, at home, or wherever your comings and goings take us we are bound at some point to pass by someone. Sometimes we look them in the eye and sometimes they look us in the eye or maybe neither.  Sometimes we give a salutation, sometimes not,Continue reading ““Making the List””

“Valentine’s Day Prayer”

Thank you Lord for her I pray, She is a gift like no other, Lord, its Valentine’s Day.   Her heart is made of the finest gold, She is a gift like no other, Lord, its Valentine’s Day.   Please bless her life in any way, She is a gift like no other, Lord, itsContinue reading ““Valentine’s Day Prayer””

What Does God Say?

Lately, I have been hearing the term “Relative” in conversations online, in person or on television. In some of those conversations it seems that the idea of “Relativity” makes sense to those justifying or claiming their position based on an issue of morality. As I am a simple man and not a philosopher, I doContinue reading “What Does God Say?”

“The Milestone”

As parents we go into the responsibility of raising children with many doubts and fears. What if I do or say something wrong that scars my child for life or maybe I disciplined them too hard; will they learn from the experience? Will I forget my own childhood and become a parent we all don’tContinue reading ““The Milestone””