Respect, Discernment and Judgment

As I look through numerous Facebook posts and hear all the attention put on Chris Kyle and his story, I am starting to realize that maybe we as Americans have lost something.  That something is respect; pure and simple.  Some will even say that because I have 1st Amendment rights I can say whatever I want.  So I am here to ask if this is really true in the sense of the Golden Rule.  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

As I understand it after reading parts of Chris Kyle’s book, his sole intention in life was to respect the idea of “God, Country and Family” the best way he knew how.  Of course some will argue the order, but it was up to him to choose the sequence; not me or anyone else.

With the idea that one of Chris’ ideas on Country being second to God, wouldn’t make sense that any citizen would without hesitation stand next to him in support when he says so?  I am baffled by those who say they fight for freedom, but will place blame, accusations and disrespect on a man who is no longer living.  This all for the sake of “My freedom of speech”.

In any case; good or bad, discernment comes before judgment and with that must come the idea of respect for another human being.  This is even more important when the person you are judging is not alive to defend themselves.  This is where the discernment part comes in and where those who say anything that comes to mind lack.  How will what I say affect other people or will it cause distress to the family of that person?

To Chris’ widow I will say that you are in our thoughts and prayers as you go through this gauntlet and know that there are those of us who have worn the boots and put on the gear who have profound respect for Chris and our military spouses at home keeping the home front in order just as you did.  You will always have a place of honor in my home if you ever happen to be in my AO (Area of Operation).

In closing I would ask this simple question; If you put something on social media about someone, would you say the same thing if you were standing face to face with that person?  If not, use discernment and good judgment to come up with the honest answer, thereby guiding what you do next.