“At the Front Door”

How many times have you been at the “Front Door”?  The “Front Door” being that of a loved one, a friend, a stranger, school, work, etc.  Now ask yourself this; “How excited was I to be at that Front Door?”

Throughout my own life the “Front Door” has taken me to many places; each one a new story waited regardless if I had been through that door many times before. Within some of my memories I can still see my hand grabbing the door handle to open the door and enter the structure it happened to be attached to.

As I think through all the “Front Doors” I have been through, none excite more than going through the front door of Heaven, but until I get to that door, there are two that I look forward to opening; my own home and the home of my mother.

So now that you know which “Front Doors” I cherish you might think that I will ask you which “Front Doors” are important to you, but that would be too easy.  My question to you is; “Why are these front doors important to you?”  As you think about why, also think about how many times you have been through the “Front Doors” you love the most.

Regardless of your answers know that God is the one responsible for those “Front Doors” you cherish the most.  However, he is also responsible for those that challenge you and make you a better person.


I hope you never open the “Front Door” the same way again!

The Koi Fish Christian




One thought on ““At the Front Door”

  1. I love how this whole thing is in like a metephorical format but can be interprestted literally too. When encountering challenges to the brain like this it helps to comprehend certain complexities of the bible because it trains your brain to understand peculiar writing. I recently opened the front door to my first car which was uber exciter. no pun intended. That meant a lot to me not because of the car in and of itself but because it is the very car that God led me to through a strange turn of events that I will probably write about soon. It meant a lot to me because it was God showing me that nothing is too difficult for Him to do. If we ask and have the faith of a mustard seed we can move mountains. The car was just the beginning because the only reason why we bothered to get it was because we are having a child. Now that is a door that I can not wait to open. no explanation necessary hahaha


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