“Hey You! Yes You!”

Have you heard about the real story of Jesus Christ and the message He brought just for you?  said the smiley Christian Guy.

“Yea, I have heard of him, but I don’t believe in all that religious stuff.”  Said the Survival of the Fittest Guy.

The situation is presented here for you to finish.  I know how I would at least try to direct the conversation, but at some point there has to be the proverbial “sales close”.  We know that even Jesus closed on the young prince with a simple, yet difficult choice.

My personal opinion as it pertains to the mission Christ gave us is that too many times we (me included) like to lean on the what I like to call the “Mustard Seed Close”.  We think that by dropping a seed on the ground that it will grow, but the answer actually lies in our understanding of how most plants grow.

Most of us know from biology class that there are certain requirements that have to be met in order for the plant to grow.  The first is to establish the foundation by planting it in fertile ground at the right depth.

When I think of this, I look at it as mentoring or coaching.  For me in the beginning of the coaching process, motivation is a key element that must happen.  This can be done by simply sharing your attitude and or positive body language as you present the idea or information with the mentee.

The next phase is observation, watering and sometimes shielding.  Just as the young plant sprouts, so does the mentee.  They need observation, guidance and information to feed on.  Through this the plant grows and matures into the next plant that provides the seeds and fruit for the next one.

So have some fun with how you might respond and think through some ideas on how you might close on someone for Christ, which includes the work needed to ensure that the Mustard Seed you left with them was properly planted and not just thrown on the ground hoping for the best.

Jesus Christ is; The Way, The Truth and The Life