Not Peace that the World Gives

Through God is truly the only way to peace. For Isreal and the United States it is a matter of God, not religion that will determine our destiny. No other way will do.


Did you hear about the visit and speech to the U.S. congress, by Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, which focused on the risk that Iran plays in regards to world peace? Have you heard about the murder of Russian opposition leader, Boris Nemtsov? How about news regarding the three British sisters, missing and rumored to have headed to Syria with the goal of joining ISIS?

All three of those news stories (newspapers, TV, online) have been featured in just the past week, and all three of those news stories have something in common, they all remind us of instability, of threat, of fear.

Fear, birthed in the horrors of our sin-filled world, can make us yearn for a savior. A fearful world can make us wonder who might be in the right place, at the right time, to bring peace.

Just this week (Wednesday evening until Thursday evening) was the Jewish holiday…

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