“Too Easy”

Today I used my favorite response to someone who told me “thank you” for something I did by saying “Too easy”.  My response might sound simple, but in fact it means more to me than just a simple or quick response.

When I say to someone “Too easy” there is actually a meaning behind it that for me is a reminder of how I can help that person or how I can make that person simply smile.  The “Too easy” part may not necessarily be the easy side of this, as a matter of fact sometimes it can be the hard part.  For me the hard part is where I learn the most about what God wants for me and how I can be a better person.

So how about the easily done things you ask?  Well, they are actually easy and are usually the acts that add up over time keeping me in practice for the hard ones.  Now back to the “Too easy” part.

If you happen to be around me and I do something for you and use the response “Too easy” that means that you owe me nothing in return.  I mean that 100%; you do not have to return the favor.  If you do it is because you have intentions of paying something forward, because that is what will happen with it if you do send it my way.

The way I see it is actually pretty simple.  If I do something to help someone it boils down to the one easy step in all of this; deciding to do so.  Deciding to do something good for someone else should be a decision as easy as taking our next breath; not something we ponder, research or debate about.

If I do good, then to me that means I am being obedient  And when God puts it on my heart to do good and I know it is from Him I am even more honored to follow through with the act.  So if you run out of things to say when someone asks you for a favor or help, try saying “Too easy” you might be surprised what it does for the other person and you.

The Koifish Christian


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