The Cold, Cold Wind

Some of you may be feeling some very cold wind today and it does bite a bit on the nose making you wrap up your scarf or coat even tighter as you leave your house or your car.

For many you will stay in the house and find anything to do that keeps you from going out into the cold, cold wind.  Can’t blame anyone for wanting to stay inside, but at some point you will have to venture out into that cold air and I would offer you something to think about as you do.

As an example I will use myself and my mother.  I live up north and she lives a few hours south; pretty simple.  Since the cold wind comes from the north it is usually much colder and hits me first.  By the time it gets to my mother it is a few degrees warmer.  Well I see it this way; since it hit me first, my love for God and my family causes the air to warm by a few degrees before it gets to my mother south of me.  This is my way of letting her know that she is being thought of and loved today.

For you factoid science guy types I know this is not the scientific version of why the air is warmer by the time it gets farther south, but just go with it and let you mind wander for a bit – “My blog, my science”; just saying.

So when that cold, cold air hits your nose or your ears just put on a smile, because someone up north was thinking of you and remember that the air was much colder up there before it got to you.  Just don’t send the cold air back up this way; we have plenty to go around thank you.

Take care, be safe and may God or your loved ones bless you with the warmth of their love when you think there is nothing but the Cold, Cold Wind outside.


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