Writing a Play

Last night as I was working on my latest Stage-play I realized that it is not easy to create a character’s personality.  Yes, I know; there are many books out there on how to create a character for a story, novel, screenplay or other, but this is not what I am talking about.

Can you imagine trying to be God and creating a character for each and every human being that ever was and ever will be?  It is like trying to count the stars in the night sky!  In my play I am only dealing with about nine or ten characters compared to the billions that God has created.

My point is this; how can any of us not take time out of our busy day to thank God for the person we are and the potential He has given each one of us.  The best way to thank Him might be by simply living our lives to our full potential.  The question you now have to ask yourself is; what is my full potential and have I tried to achieve it?

Just ask God, you might not actually be surprised by His answer since most of us already know what it is; we have just not acted on it yet.

Oh yea, hug someone you love very tightly today – they just might need it!


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