Leaning on God is not easy

When times get very tough or complicated and we feel like we are closed in by feelings of sadness or hopelessness, leaning on God is not an easy task to perform.  He tells us over and over again in His Word that He is and will always be there for us.

The key to making this work is understanding that our part in all of this requires a decision.  Do I lean on God or do I not?  Some might say “Well, that is quite easy then.”  I would argue that when feelings of sadness or anger creep into your soul it is a daunting task to remove them.

So today for someone who is looking from the inside out, today is one of those days where sadness has settled in.  Losing someone close is never an easy thing to cope with, but I am confident in God’s promises so if you happen to see me I am sad, although my countenance may not show it.  We all grieve in our own way and that is fine; God understands.

I will choose to lean on God and know that He will guide me through this, but this is not about me.  This is for the family that may feel great loss at this time.  No amount of words in my small vocabulary can fix how you feel.  Just know that God is with you and even though you might be mad at Him; He understands.

Our task now is to celebrate a life we all had the pleasure to know.  Remember the best and keep those memories close to your heart; they are your treasure.  I have loved you all from the first second I knew you.


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