The book called “Family”

Everyday each one of us whether close to our families or not opens a new page in the book called “Family”.  There might even be times when we would rather not turn a page in that book, but it is inevitable.

I think the important thing to remember in any family relationship that includes God or not, it is that we all do care.  Again, there might be times when we think we don’t or wish not to, it doesn’t matter.  That feeling of love still creeps in with a rush of memories and we quickly find ourselves in that book again.

If there is anything that we have learned from God it is that He has been and always will be there for us, even when we think He has not or is not.  Families do the same thing.  Many of us have said or done nothing as we watch a family member make terrible choices, but we are still there.  Then there are times when we do say something and make it known that they are making a mistake.

The book called “Family” in my home says this; “If I say something to help or correct and it offends you; be happy.  If I didn’t say anything I wouldn’t be showing you that I care.  If I say something and it makes you happy, simply be happy, because that is all that I want for you.”

The book called “Family” is there for each one of us to open, but it is up to each of us to fill the pages.  So take some time today to tell your family that you love them; we all need to hear that and I would love to see what the pages in your book called “Family” looks like.  The cover might look pretty cool too!

So remember that Christmas should not be the only time we give presents as long as they come with no strings attached; only a bow of love.


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