As we move through the stream we may find things that get in our way.  Sometimes it might be a rock or it might be a log.  When we encounter these things how do we approach them?

For a fish this actually presents an opportunity rather than an obstacle.  It can be a place to help maneuver from one side of the stream to the other or it can be a place to hide and ambush its next meal.  Either way it is perceived as a positive rather than a negative.

When God places these “rocks and logs” in our stream how do we perceive them?  I would like to offer that they are something God uses to either get our attention or to simply show us that there are positives where it might seem only the negative exists.

I would challenge ourselves to search through the “Word” to find examples of where God placed something in front of someone and they were able to recognize what God was trying to say or get them to do.  The outcome of God’s plan might not be what we think it is, but it is important to at least acknowledge its existence.  Some prayer might be needed to help you during this quest and remember that God may not always reveal all the details of His plan; only what you need to follow through with your part.