Koi about Christianity?

As a Christian do you find yourself wanting to scream out your joy of just knowing Jesus Christ, or do you stifle the shout with inner prayers towards God asking for forgiveness because you are not shouting it from the mountain tops? I have and that is the point I am trying to make.

We all struggle with the command to spread the Gospel, but I wonder sometimes what the cost each person considers before choosing not to do so. I know for me it is a pain that I have to deal with, let alone a sin.

I have recently discovered Apologetics; yes I live under a rock. It is something that I like, but am still learning; especially all the new words – wow!

I would love to hear anyone else’s take on our struggles as Christians in a secular world and believe me I am there with you.


3 thoughts on “Koi about Christianity?

  1. Thought today about perceptions; mine or yours, who do they belong to? Are we simply using the same enculturation goggles we were given as children or have we changed the lenses to make them our own? How has God influenced that change; if so, how?


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